The 7 Best Hiking Trails Near Sydney

The New South Trails (NSF) is chock full of premier hiking spots that will keep you occupied for a long time. So you don’t miss any of them, we put together this list of some of our favorite trails. There is something for everyone and every skill level. If you are a complete newbie, check out this guide to hiking that will give you the lowdown on what you need to know.

The Coast Track

If you’re spending any time in Sydney you shouldn’t miss this hike. Located a short distance away and starts in Bonnie Vale. It’s an all-day hike and runs for 26km along the coast and treks through the Royal National Park to Otford.

A view of the cliffs along the Coast Track hiking trail in Australia

Along with your hike, you will get a front-row view of some of the most spectacular cliffs in the country. If you get hot and need to cool off, there are 6 excellent places to go for a swim. When you reach the end of the trail on Otford a train will take you back to Sydney where you can review your pictures and rest.

Six Foot Track

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious the 44km Six Foot Track is a more advanced hike. This trail was made over 100 years ago and cuts through several parks and the Blue Mountains. You will see some of the most spectacular scenery in the country!

View along the Six Foot Track hiking trail in Australia

Being a pretty long trail you may not see another person the entire way. Because of this, make sure you pack plenty of food and water. It might also be a good idea to get a locator beacon in case you get in trouble. Many police stations will loan them out for free.

Abrahams Bosom Reserve

The reserve has 2 hikes for you to choose from or do them both if you have time. The Wreck Walk is a short and easy 2.5 km hike along the beach that takes about an hour and you can look at the wreck of the S.S. Merimbula which ran aground almost 100 years ago.

A view of a cove in Abraham's Bosom Reserve in New South Whales Australia

The Trig Walk of which the Wreck Walk is part is about 9km long and not only longer but more strenuous because you will be doing some hill climbs. Walking straight through should take about 3 hours and will take you through estuaries, beach views, rock formations, and cliff views.

11 Kilometre Walking Track

View of a valley along the 11 Kilometer Track hiking trail in Australia

As you may have guessed this hike is 11km and starts at the Wisemans Ferry and is a more advanced hike that cuts through the Dharug National Park. There are several steep climbs along the way so don’t attempt this trail if you are not fit. The 4-hour hike is best started in the morning so you can take your time and stop along the way where if you’re lucky you will see a gang of cockatoos, goannas, and a variety of other birds.

Aeroplane Hill Walking Track

One of the highest altitude hikes in Australia, the appropriately named Aeroplane Walking Track is at 1,500 meters and treks through the Barrington Tops National Park. Starting from the Junction Pools campground the hike takes in views of both woodlands and wetlands and passes by Carey’s Peak Lookout which offers a spectacular view of the coast.

Bingi Dreaming Track

The Bingi Track treks through land that was held in high regard by the Aboriginal people. The hike passes through a variety of landscapes including lakes, coastal scrub, and forests. If you are keeping an eye out you have a good chance of spotting kangaroos, wallabies and a variety of birds. If you happen to be on the Track between May and Oct you may see whales at Montague Island or Mount Dromedary.

Tomaree Head Summit Walk

View of the ocean and nearby islands along the Tomaree Head Summit Walk hiking trail in Australia

The Tomaree Walk in Tomaree National Park is a peninsula that looks like a thumb sticking out into the Pacific Ocean. This photogenic hike is a short 2.2kms and the summit offers views of Port Stevens and the Boondelbah Islands. At the summit, you can enjoy a picnic lunch and take a walk around the historical points. Noteworthy are the WWII gun placements that are worth looking at. If you are there between May and Oct you may even get lucky and see whales migrating off the coast.

Southern Australia offers many adventures and each one of them is worth exploring on your next holiday.

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