Guide to The Best Argentina Beaches

Summer usually runs from December to February in Argentina making it a beautiful time to escape from the cold blanketing many other parts of the world. There are many great beaches where you can play in the Argentina Sea and also along the Parana River. Here is a list of the best Argentina beaches.

Mar del Plata

Thousands of tourists flock to Mar del Plata during the summer each year. If the crowds are too much to bear, then consider traveling the short distance to Waikiki Beach (yes they have one too) which is a great place to learn how to surf.

Alternatively, if you are looking for the best beaches head south of the city to Playa Serena. Many people often head to Playa Varese for family vacations because the rocky headland keeps the waters calmer here while college students often congregate at the trendier Playa Grande or at Playa La Perla.

Beach Pinamar

Pinamar is another popular beach setting for tourists in Argentina. Early founding fathers took the sand dunes and replanted them with beautiful evergreen forests making it the perfect place to enjoy the sun and the shade.

With many beach resorts, the beautiful stretch of white sand beaches can become quite busy in the summer. This city offers diverse nightlife with some of Argentina’s wealthiest citizens choosing this location as their summer getaway spot.

Puerto Madryn

The water is often cooler in Puerto Madryn. From July to September, visitors flock here to see the Southern Right whales that can be observed swimming near the town’s pier.

Visitors also come here to snorkel with the friendly sea lions. This beach location is also popular with kite-boarders and windsurfers. Visitors often see penguins playing along this beach.

Las Grutas Beach

The waters close to Las Grutas are some of the warmest in Argentina because of the width of the tides, the air circulation, the scarce rainfall, and the warm summer temperatures.

This small community on the San Matías Gulf is hidden in the cliffs with many of them offering caves to explore. Everyone needs to eat the octopus when visiting this community which is very walkable.

Pehuen-Co Beach

The tranquil beaches of Pehuen-Co make a beautiful summer getaway location. Visitors find a wide variety of beach activities here including horseback riding, windsurfing, and boating.

This beach offers many sandbars where anglers frequently congregate to catch their limit while boaters enjoy catching salmon, sea catfish, and sharks just offshore.

Parana River

There are several very nice beaches located along the Parana River. Costanera Norte offers one of the nicest areas to swim in the entire country.

An image of the beach at Parana River Argentina

This beach also offers an outstanding sand volleyball court. Beachgoers also find wonderful opportunities to play in the river’s waters close to Parana at Playa de Thompson.

So whether you are looking for great beach sports, sandy shores or just a place to escape the wintertime blues, the best beaches in Argentina offer many great choices.

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